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MoonDesk is the perfect buddy. A teamwork platform to control your packaging design files and prevent errors before printing them.

Integrated to Adobe Illustrator

for Windows and Mac.

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How does MoonDesk help?

Typical situations where MoonDesk solves issues related to packaging tasks like no other.

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How does MoonDesk work?

MoonDesk is a platform though to integrate commercial, production, quality and design areas with the purpose of streamlining and tracking all tasks related to packaging design. 

Name, save & version your files in the cloud. Forever organized, find them with the most powerful search engine.

Forget about lost files or files with difficult names such as: final-finalforrealMoonDesk saves the latest version of your files, ordering them smartly for easy search.

Create design tasks & assign roles.

From our Desk, you can create tasks to request design orders and control the information that the packaging of your product has. MoonDesk helps you save time and reduce in non-quality resources.

Control & streamline the process

Create rules to automatically review document content in Adobe Illustrator and review and approve the files to send the printshop without errors.

Make sure to approve labels before the printing process.

You can view Adobe Illustrator documents, review the content, measure elements, request adjustments or simply approve together with all the reviewers of the process.

Send your files to the printshop without thinking twice!

Integrated functionalities to make sure all documents arrive to the printshop without errors. 

clasifica documentos

Store, classify & name files smartly.

Stop doing tasks manually. MoonDesk does the job for the company (and for you). Manage your labels with a powerful & easy-to-use search engine.

Control your tasks & projects.

No need to surf your inbox any more. Control your tasks & get insights of each action taken by your team.

Control the content of your files. No more copy/paste errors.

Add content directly into the documents in Adobe Illustrator from the platform. No need to type or copy/paste anymore.

Create rules to control content.

You can now simplify content control by setting rules. Avoid reprocesses: check codes, addresses, texts & even images before the designer sends you the files.

Request reviews & approvals.

Comment, measure, compare with a previous version, request changes and approve files. All in the same place, with a simple click.

Share documents in any format, with manageable links.

Control who, what, with whom and even the formats of the files you need to share. Create links that expire; control the process as you never imagined before.

Save, name & version your files automatically.

Control and track all changes made to a document. Keep records per file & version. Check it with a simple click.

Keep record of all actions .

Continuous improvement processes are now possible thanks to MoonDesk. Keep a detailed record on tasks & files. You can finally know where you need to focus to improve the process.

Integrated with Adobe Illustrator.

No matter where your designers are and who they work with, we make things easy for them. MoonDesk works integrated to the largest design system across the world.

Image Compare detects​

what our eyes can’t see

Spotting differences now is easier than ever! Compare two images & make sure your labels are printed error-free. 

The perfect software for the packaging industry

Want to try working with MoonDesk? You’ll find a whole new world of productivity and teamwork. 

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